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Are you looking for an unforgettable culinary experience? Try our Local market tour Rome tasting italy food…

Going to the local food market is probably the best way to fully experience Roman cuisine. You meet the local farmers, taste the fruits of their hard work, learn about the ingredients used in Roman dishes, smell, and savor what’s in season.
At Local Aromas, we love food markets so much that we have designed 8 different food market experiences in Rome.
The Inside Out Testaccio Market and Sunday Farmer’s Market Tasting Tour are fun, 90-minute food tours.
All of our morning cooking classes start with a 1-hour tour of the market by the Vatican. Fresh Homemade Pasta: Market, Cooking Class & LunchHomemade Gnocchi: Market, Cooking Class & Lunch, Homemade Pizza: Market, Cooking Class & Lunch, The 4 Roman Pastas: Market, Cooking Class & Lunch, and Homemade Lasagna & Fettuccine: Market, Cooking Class & Lunch.

We have created a very unique market experience that combines archaeology and food Testaccio Market: Stories and Secrets.

So many options to experience the authentic side of Rome.

Local market italy food tour Rome Localaromas.com