Making Ravioli Without a Stamp

Let Mamma Giuliana show you an easy method of making ravioli without using a stamp or cutter. Watch the video and learn how to form the perfect, professional-looking square and half-moon ravioli using only the utensils you already find in your kitchen.


While the easiest way to make equal sized ravioli is undoubtedly by using a purpose-made ravioli stamp or tray, you may not always have one to hand. In this video, Mamma Giuliana shows you how to get great results by using just a simple glass, knife, and fork.


[youtube v=”YYTbK_skibs” maxwidth=”600px”]


Semi-circular or half-moon ravioli are super simple to create. Once you have made and rolled your fresh pasta, lay a sheet of pasta flat on your work surface. Use a glass to cut out equal-sized circles (you can use whichever sized glass you prefer) then take your ravioli filling and place a little in the center of each circle, making sure there is space around the edge to close the ravioli. Fold the circles over and make sure that the air is pushed out before using your fingers to seal the edge firmly; if any air is left in the ravioli they will inflate when placed in the boiling water, causing them to split open and fall apart. Finally, use a fork to crimp the edges to create a polished finish.


For more traditional, square-shaped, ravioli begin with a sheet of fresh pasta. Mark, or fold the sheet over, to create a crease or line down the middle of the sheet. Spoon a small amount of filling at equal distances along half of the sheet of pasta, up to the imaginary line. Leave space between the spoonfuls of filling to allow room to seal the ravioli. Then, fold over the other half of the pasta sheet to cover the filling. Use your hands to push down around the filling, removing any air. Then simply cut out even-sized squares with a sharp knife. Close each ravioli well with your fingers and again use a fork to create a crimped edge.

How to Make Ravioli Without a Stamp
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How to Make Ravioli Without a Stamp
Watch Mamma Giuliana's kitchen tip video and make perfect, professional-looking ravioli without using a stamp or cutter. Try this easy way to make ravioli using regular kitchen utensils.
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