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    Special Edition: Christmas Food Walking Tour


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    Cooking Classes with a Fabulous View of Rome


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    Eating in Italy like a local


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roman fried food stuffed olives

5 Fried Foods to Eat in Rome

The Top Roman Fritti You Need to Order

In Rome, the Italian word ‘fritti’ refers to the mouth-watering array of fried foods on offer at restaurants and street food joints across the city. Although they are consumed any time of day, as part of a meal or as a quick bite on the go, in Rome the true home of the fritti is the pizzeria. Romans will always kick-off a meal in a pizzeria with a range of fried antipasti which should be freshly cooked to order and brought to the table piping hot, accompanied by an ice-cold beer to degrease the palate. 

New Roman Food and Drink Tours

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If you are planning a trip to Rome in the coming months make sure that you don’t miss out on the city’s fantastic food and drinks. Like most big cities, Rome has its fair share of tourist traps and rip-off restaurants but there are still plenty of hidden gems offering authentic Roman cuisine. At Local Aromas we make it our mission to hunt down the best of the best, from old-school trattorias and rustic wine bars, to gourmet street food and trendy new openings.

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