• Cooking Classes with a Fabulous View of Rome

    Cooking Classes with a Fabulous View of Rome


  • Food & Wine Tours in Rome

    Food & Wine Tours in Rome


  • Eating in Italy like a local

    Eating in Italy like a local


Food Tours. Wine, Beer & Spirits Tastings. Cooking Classes. Eating in Italy, the local way.


Our Food, Wine, Beer & Spirits Tours in Rome

Market & food walking tours.
Wine, beer & grappa tastings with our sommeliers.

Our Cooking Classes in Rome

A cooking class with a fabulous view of Rome.
Morning market & evening classes making fresh pasta, gnocchi, and pizza.

Our Special Editions in Italy

Special food & wine experiences in Rome.
Private food tours, wine tastings and cooking classes in Italy.

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castagnole recipe carnival rome

Recipe for Italian Carnival Castagnole

How to Make Italy’s Typical Carnevale Sweets

In Italy, most holidays and celebrations warrant their own dish or delicacy which is prepared especially for the time of year. Carnival time is no exception and the month of February sees Rome coated in sugar as the city’s bakeries and pasticcerie are piled high with cream-packed pastries and deliciously decadent dolci.

take a food tour in rome

Why Take a Food Tour in Rome?

5 Reasons to Take a Local Aromas Food Tour

The Italians are renowned for their passion and respect for food so, to really get under the skin of any Italian city, a food tour is a great place to start, and Rome is no exception. As you meet the producers and purveyors of Roman cuisine and see where the locals shop and eat, you gain a unique glimpse into the Italian lifestyle that standard sightseeing of monuments, museums and churches cannot provide. And what’s more, you also get to savor delicious food as you go.

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