You Don’t Have to Come to Italy to Enjoy Italy

We all know that Italy has great food, outstanding ingredients, amazing wine, centuries of art and history, and that it has one of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world. Yet what makes Italy so special are the people and even more so, their spirit.

Italians are notoriously loud. We love talking and laughing … and music! The sound of Italian songs playing along the streets and piazzas of Italy. That itself puts anyone in a good mood.

Then you’ve got the smell of Italian homemade dishes paired to the aromas of local wines, all enjoyed around a nicely set table. Family and friends slow down and enjoy the moment.

Oh, and the people! Italians are so warm and friendly. They would do anything to make someone feel at home and welcome. That’s just how we are.

And did we mention the language? Italian sounds like music. It is so colorful, expressive, and passionate! “Buongiorno! Come stai?“.

Yes, Italy definitely has so much beauty to offer!


How to Live the Italian Lifestyle at Home

Did you know that you don’t have to come to Italy to enjoy Italy? There is a place right where you live that smells Italian, tastes Italian, sounds Italian, and is full of passionate Italians. It’s a place where people can enjoy the beauty in the small things … a good olive oil drizzled over bread, the aroma of fresh-cut basil, the bubbling sound of coffee from a moka machine, the simple taste of tomato sauce.

This place is your home and we are going to bring Italy to you. We are about to launch our biggest project ever. It is a celebration of everything Italian. You can listen to Italian songs, learn Italian, cook Italian homemade dishes, understand Italian wines, and be part of an Italian community.

You have no idea what is about to happen! The first to know will be the members of the Local Aromas family and our friends in our waitlist. Sign up now!