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Slow Food Osterie d’Italia Food Guide 2024

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Discover the Best Osterias in Italy with Osterie d’Italia 2024

The Slow Food Osterie d’Italia guide is something we never travel without! If you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy authentic, traditional Italian dishes then you must download the Osterie d’Italia 2024 app. Not only does it provide recommendations from Slow Food, but it is also in English and it geolocates you, making it even easier to find the best spots near you and anywhere in Italy!

Why Osterie d’Italia 2024?

We have been using this guide for years. It’s like your trusted friend, offering the most comprehensive collection of the finest local and traditional spots. Whether you’re searching for a simple, welcoming restaurant where you can eat well without breaking the bank, Osterie d’Italia has you covered.

About Osterias

An Osteria in Italy is a haven for simple, traditional specialties made with fresh, local ingredients. These locations mentioned cherish local dishes and recipes, offering you a true taste of the region.

Our Travel Essential

Whenever we travel throughout Italy, we never dare to go out to eat before checking the app. From Sicily to Liguria, it has never once disappointed us! We have had authentic local cuisine that exceeded (by far) our expectations!

And last but not least… it’s under $10!

For more authentic and traditional Italian experiences, join our Community Casa Local Aromas and immerse yourself in the true essence of Italy.

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