How to Make Garlic More Digestible

How do you make a strong ingredient like garlic more delicate and digestible? Mamma Giuliana has one of her tried-and-tested tips to remove the aggressive flavor from garlic and ease the indigestion problems it can cause.


A common ingredient in Italian cooking, garlic adds flavor like nothing else. However, it can often cause uncomfortable digestion issues which make it off-putting to sufferers of indigestion and similar complaints. Similarly, the distinct taste of garlic can sometimes be a little strong for those who prefer more delicate dishes.  Luckily, Mamma Giuliana is on hand to show you her sure-fire garlic tips which will change the way you cook with it forever. Watch her video now!


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The main culprit in causing indigestion from garlic is the small sprout in the middle of each clove. Simply cutting the garlic clove in half lengthways and extracting the sprout before using will not only make it easier to digest but will also remove any traces of bitterness from the germ.


If you love a slight hint of garlic but prefer not to eat the clove itself, a fantastic suggestion is to peel the clove and rub it around the serving bowl or dish you are planning to use. The essence will leave a trace of flavor and aroma which will, in turn, be transferred into your dish without the aggressive punch which comes from the clove itself.


Finally, a failsafe tip that dates back generations and continues to work to this day. Heat a small saucepan of milk until almost boiling. Peel the garlic and place the cloves into the milk for about 15-20 minutes before drying and continuing to use as you wish. The milk will neutralize any acridity making the taste much more mellow and pleasant for your tastebuds as well as aiding digestion.

How to Make Garlic More Digestible
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How to Make Garlic More Digestible
Make garlic more digestible with these easy hints and tips from Mamma Giuliana. Find out how to avoid indigestion when cooking with garlic by watching this helpful video.
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