How to Make Roman Puntarelle Salad

Puntarelle salad recipe

Again another pride and joy from the Eternal City! Puntarelle salad. This wonderful Italian green vegetable belongs to the chicory family and mainly grows in the outskirts of Rome. It is eaten in the winter and early spring as a side dish with a punchy anchovy vinaigrette. 


You usually find bunches of puntarelle sold whole, but it is only strolling around local food markets that you get to see the magic! Capable hands turn them into strips of crunchy curls by trimming the stems and soaking them into ice cold water. All you need then is extra virgin olive oil, anchovies, garlic, a drop of vinegar and a little spiciness.

You will become addicted to puntarelle in no time. They are definitely a Roman classic that you will rarely find anywhere else in Italy, not to mention in the world. So yes, we highly suggest you giving it a shot while you are here because it is really worth it.


Puntarelle Salad

Serves 4


500g puntarelle, trimmed

100ml extra virgin olive oil

2-3 tbsp white wine vinegar

6-8 anchovy fillets (in olive oil)

2 garlic cloves


Prepare the puntarelle (or for an easy life buy them ready-trimmed).

Put the olive oil, vinegar, anchovies, and chopped garlic in a bowl and whisk until well-blended and emulsified. Taste and adjust seasoning to your preference.

Add the puntarelle and toss well in the dressing until coated. Serve as a side dish.

How to Make Roman Puntarelle Salad
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How to Make Roman Puntarelle Salad
Make this classic Roman side dish with our simple recipe. Puntarelle chicory stems are trimmed and tossed in a vibrant vinaigrette of anchovy, garlic, vinegar and olive oil.
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