Aperitivo Time in Italy

Aperitivo: Italian pre-dinner drinks

A wonderful Italian tradition that you will learn to love even if you are here for a short period of time. The aperitivo is a pre-dinner drink. It is NOT happy hour, it is NOT a drink-all-you-can-to-get-drunk kind of thing. This ritual is a very serious matter.


It’s a social moment that happens after work and before dinner. It’s that time lapse when you meet up with friends, co-workers, your loved one and just sit down. You chat, laugh, gossip, have a drink and wash the stresses of your day away. Wach Local Aromas’ Foodie Sisters, Benedetta and Valeria, show you what it’s all about.


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Wine, Prosecco or Spritz?

Aperitivo calls for Prosecco, it could be considered nearly mandatory. However, throughout the years (and in Italian time that means centuries) various interesting variations have appeared that are worth experimenting. The most common one is the Spritz:  a mix of prosecco with Campari, Aperol or even red wine, a dash of soda, a slice of orange or lemon and a couple of ice cubes.   A very unique cocktail that has become extremely popular all over the world.


If you are not keen on bubbles you can always turn to a glass of white wine: you can never go wrong with that. And the selection out there is simply stunning! Italy is famous for it’s numerous grapes from north to south, so it’s just a matter of choice and personal palate.


Oh, and the best part of it all is that along with your glass you get a selection of nibbles. The selection can range from peanuts to pistachios, and potato chips, to small platters of cold cuts, cheese, and olives with bruschetta and parmigiano bites. Occasionally you will also find small portions of pasta or rice, it all depends on the imagination of the chef and what is trendy at the moment.


Join us for a typical aperitivo and sample some typical Roman aperitivo snacks on our Italian Cocktail Hour Tour in Rome.

Aperitivo Time in Italy
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Aperitivo Time in Italy
Follow the Italian ritual of aperitivo and settle down for some pre-dinner drinks. Find out about the Roman typical appetizer, what to drink and what to eat.
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