How to Make Parmesan Cheese Baskets

Learn how to make these super cute parmesan cheese baskets with Mamma Giuliana. Amaze and impress your dinner guests by presenting delicious edible baskets that are made with just parmesan cheese, a hot frying pan, a glass, and a few minutes of your time. 


Whip up some of these easy yet effective baskets and use them as a fun, tasty, way to serve shrimp, salad, cheese, or the dish of your choice. They require just one ingredient and can be made in advance in whichever shape you require.


[youtube v=”hRJVxLoeDO4″ maxwidth=”600px”]


The first thing to do is to select a glass or bowl which is the size and shape you want. Heat a non-stick pan until it is very hot, then carefully sprinkle a few spoonfuls of grated parmigiano over the base of the pan. It will begin to sizzle straight away but leave it for a few minutes until the cheese melts together then start to loosen the edges with a spatula, forming a border. Once all of the parmesan has turned a golden brown you should be able to lift it gently out of the pan. Drape it immediately over the base of the upturned glass before it gets too cool. While the cheese is still hot it will still be malleable for a few seconds so use some kitchen paper to pat down around the glass with your hands, molding the cheese into the same shape.


Once the cheese is cool and has hardened you can slide it off the glass and it should sit up unaided, like a bowl. Continue preparing as many baskets as you require, fill with your preferred recipe just before serving and then simply sit back and watch your guests admire your handiwork.



How to Make Parmesan Cheese Baskets
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How to Make Parmesan Cheese Baskets
Find out how to make amazing, edible, parmesan cheese baskets with Mamma Giuliana. Watch the video and learn how to make these easy edible bowls using just grated parmesan cheese.
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