How to Make Mayonnaise Without Eggs

Mamma Giuliana shows you how to make an amazing mayonnaise without using eggs. This simple mixture of oil, milk, salt, and lemon tastes just like regular mayonnaise and can be easily whipped up in a matter of minutes. Get the recipe and method in her latest video of kitchen tips and tricks.


Whether you have dietary restrictions or just do not have eggs in the house, this recipe is a super speedy substitute for usual, egg-based, mayonnaise, and looks and tastes exactly like the real thing.


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All you need is some milk, oil, a pinch of salt, lemon juice and a touch of turmeric to give it that authentic yellowish color. While you could use olive oil, it is a little heavy for this recipe so it is better to use a vegetable oil such as corn or sunflower oil, if possible. Use the exact same quantity of milk and oil, add a pinch of salt and blend using a whisk, food processor or hand blender. Add a pinch of turmeric and continue to mix. Finally, squeeze in some lemon juice to give your mayonnaise a note of sourness and acidity. Taste and adjust seasoning as necessary before serving. If your mayonnaise is too liquid, just add a bit more oil and blend again to thicken it.


This recipe will give you rich, delicious, alternative to egg-based mayonnaise in under two minutes, and you can easily make the amount you need by simply increasing the quantity of milk and oil. To convert it to a completely vegan version you could also substitute the normal milk with soy milk for a similar result.

How to Make Mayonnaise Without Eggs
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How to Make Mayonnaise Without Eggs
Make this easy egg-free alternative to real mayonnaise. Use just milk and oil to achieve a quick, easy, mayonnaise substitute without eggs.
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