Roman carbonara suppli

Suppli the king of Roman Street Food

Suppli Roman Street Food

Suppli, the King of Roman street food. Imagine a ball of rice, dressed with tomato sauce and a  heart of mozzarella cheese. Then imagine this same ball tossed in egg, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried.
It sounds good right? And it is good, therefore you must not leave Rome without having sunk your teeth in one. It is a must, but you also have to be very careful. There are few places in Rome where you can really indulge in such deliciousness! We obviously hand picked the best places for you, so join us on our 90-Minute Roman Street Food Tour to experience the real deal. Oh, and beware. No knives and forks will be needed. Your fingers will do just fine!

Suppli in Rome

After our 90-Minute Roman Street Food Tour you will have an idea of which suppli is on top of your list. You have the classic version (plain tomato and mozzarella) also know as suppli al telefono, or the suppli made with amatriciana sauce (tomato and guanciale) , or the one made with cacio & pepe (cheese and pepper), among others (and there are wild ones out there). You can always go back for another suppli on your spare time, just in case you are still undecided on which is your favorite. It’s ok. We understand!

Suppli al telefono

Suppli the king of Roman street food

There are also untold rules on to how to eat a suppli, or certain kinds of suppli. The classic version  has a heart of mozzarella so when you break it in half that melted mozzarella becomes a sting. This brings to mind a telephone ( the old ones) where the main base was connected to the headset. Romans have a vivid imagination!

Local Aromas is very quality-oriented. We have designed 16 single topic, 90-Minute Food & Wine Tours and family friendly Cooking Classes in Rome to give you the opportunity to experience how local products and ingredients are used to create our traditional dishes. They are fun, enriching, and eye-opening experiences!

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Suppli the king of Roman Street Food
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