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The untold gnocchi-making secret

Gnocchi Board or Rigagnocchi is that cute, wooden kitchen tool that takes your gnocchi to the next level! Literally translating to gnocchi stripper, this handy utensil adds delightful stripes to your gnocchi as you roll them over it. But why bother with this extra step? Those grooves aren’t just for show—they help your gnocchi capture and hold onto the sauce, making each bite even more delicious. It’s one of those untold cooking secrets that truly make a difference and is an essential part of the gnocchi-making tradition.

In our cooking classes, we love using the rigagnocchi for a variety of gnocchi recipes, including potato gnocchi, ricotta gnocchi, and flour-and-water gnocchi. This little tool is not only affordable but also 100% made in Italy, just like us!

Now you’re in on the secret—grab your own rigagnocchi and elevate your gnocchi game!

Watch Mamma Giuliana show you how to use a gnocchi board or rigagnocchi!

Why you should own one

Tradition Meets Modern Kitchen: The rigagnocchi has been a beloved tool in Italian kitchens for generations. It’s a small but mighty piece of tradition that adds a touch of authenticity to your modern cooking adventures.

Versatile and Easy to Use:  Great for all types of gnocchi.  It’s the ultimate tool for any gnocchi lover!

A Fun Kitchen Gadget: Using the rigagnocchi is not just practical—it’s fun! Rolling the dough over the wooden board and watching those perfect stripes appear is a satisfying and enjoyable part of the cooking process.

Impress Your Friends and Family: When you whip out your rigagnocchi and explain its purpose, you’ll impress your guests with your culinary knowledge and commitment to authentic Italian cooking. Plus, the delicious gnocchi you make will speak for themselves!

Ready to add some fun and tradition to your kitchen? Grab a rigagnocchi and start rolling those perfect gnocchi!

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