Porchetta: Rome’s Perfect Roast Pork

You never forget your first taste of porchetta. This melt-in-the-mouth, aromatic, slow-roasted pork is prepared throughout central Italy and is one of the superstars of Roman cuisine. In the new episode of the Foodie Sisters in Italy video series, we give you the low-down on Rome’s perfect roast porchetta; what it is, how it is made, and how to eat it.

Accompany Local Aromas founders Valeria and Benedetta as they do as the Romans do and grab a porchetta panino at one of the best pork purveyors in the Eternal City. Find out what makes porchetta special and get tips on how to spot the good stuff.


[youtube v=”Wzcv36DkyU4″ maxwidth=”600px”]


For more about this succulent roast pork dish together with recommendations on where to eat the best porchetta, take a look at our Guide to Porchetta in Rome


Taste porchetta on our Sunday Farmer’s Market Tasting Tour in Rome.

Porchetta: Rome's Perfect Roast Pork
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Porchetta: Rome's Perfect Roast Pork
Find out all about porchetta in the new episode of the Foodie Sisters in Italy video series. Discover how this perfect slow-roast pork is made, where it comes from and how to eat it like a Roman.
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Local Aromas
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