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Shopping, Eating, and Cooking Like a Local in Rome

Before donning our aprons and firing up the stove, many Italians begin their culinary journey at the local food market to gather fresh produce. It’s not just about shopping for food; it’s a beloved ritual. Over time, you develop a rapport with vendors who meet your needs and standards, turning them into some of your best friends.

The Ritual of Shopping Locally

We have our go-to suppliers when it comes to shopping for food. Maria or Luigi provide us with organic, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. Antonio handcrafts fresh burrata and mozzarella daily, even customizing shapes and sizes to our specifications. Carlo educates us about the flours and sourdough used in his bread. And for great wine and pairing advice, we turn to Gianni. In Italy, it’s important to know the names, faces, and stories behind the ingredients we buy. Shopping is more than a chore; it’s a social event.

Quality: The Secret Ingredient of Roman Cuisine

Living in Rome, we adore Roman cuisine. Italian food embodies the philosophy of ‘less is more,’ which perfectly describes our local dishes. Traditional recipes like Amatriciana (tomato sauce, guanciale, pecorino), Cacio e Pepe (pecorino, black pepper), Carbonara (egg, guanciale, pecorino), and Saltimbocca (veal, prosciutto, sage) use just a few simple ingredients. Thus, the secret ingredient becomes the quality of what you buy—knowing where it comes from and how it was grown or raised is paramount.

Cooking the Roman Way

Most Italians learn to cook from their mothers and grandmothers, passing down a rich culinary history through generations. A staple skill in an Italian kitchen is making fresh pasta from scratch, ready to be turned into perfect fettuccine, ravioli, or lasagna. Many traditional recipes are vague, with approximate measurements (“a handful of… a pinch of…”). This is because Italians learn to cook by watching and tasting, understanding the amounts, flavors, and textures by instinct. The best way to cook Italian food is to use your senses. For those seeking a great Roman cuisine cookbook, we recommend “I Heart Rome: Recipes and Stories from the Eternal City.”

Experience Local Food Markets and Cooking Classes

Don’t miss the chance to explore an authentic local food market tour in Rome or combine it with a cooking class. It’s a vibrant part of our daily life and offers an immersive way to understand the essence of Roman cuisine!

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