How to Make the Perfect Tomato Sauce

Next time you make tomato sauce, use Mamma Giuliana’s new tip on how to make it just perfect! A common problem when making homemade tomato sauce is that the tomatoes leave a sour, bitter taste in your mouth. Discover Mamma Giuliana’s surprising yet easy method for taking the bitterness away from any kind of tomato sauce in her latest video tip. 


It is always disappointing when, after all your hard work, you taste your tomato sauce to find it is bitter and acidic. While many people recommend using a spoonful of sugar to reduce ease the acidity, this will often cause the sauce to become too sweet. Instead, why not try Mamma Giuliana’s indispensable tip and use a common household ingredient to make your sauce more palatable?


[youtube v=”zVJeXVfJW4I” maxwidth=”600px”]


Regardless of which kind of tomato sauce you are making, towards the end of cooking, you should taste to check if it needs extra seasoning and whether there is an unpleasant note of sourness. If your sauce tastes acidic simply add about half a teaspoon of baking soda (or a bit more if you are making a large quantity of sauce). The chemical effect of the baking soda hitting the acid will cause a foam to form on the surface, but simply continue to stir and wait for the foam to disappear, taking with it any traces of acidity.


Taste your sauce again and you will find it has the perfect flavor balance between sweet and bitter.

How to Make the Perfect Tomato Sauce
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How to Make the Perfect Tomato Sauce
Make your homemade tomato sauce less acidic with Mamma Giuliana's simple kitchen tip. Take away the bitterness from your tomato sauce using a simple household ingredient.
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