How to Easily Peel and Deseed Tomatoes

It can be a time-consuming job to peel and deseed tomatoes but luckily we have Mamma Giuliana to show us how to do it in an easy and practical way. Follow her tomato tips to remove the skin and seeds in next to no time leaving you with fresh, firm tomatoes ready to be used for any dish.


The skin and seeds of tomatoes can not only be hard to digest for many people, but they also leave a bitter taste and uneven texture when cooked. So before using tomatoes in your dish, it is always better to remove the peel and interior, leaving just the sweet, soft flesh. It can be arduous to peel each individual tomato but Mamma Giuliana has a kitchen trick which will make the process simple and fun.


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First, wash the tomatoes and remove the stems. Heat a pan of water until it is very hot and make four cuts across the top of each tomato. Lower the tomatoes into the boiling water away from the fire and leave them for around 15-20 seconds. Remove them from the pan and plunge them into a bowl of cold water for a few seconds then, using a small knife, peel the skin downwards from the cuts. You will find that the skin comes away easily.


Once your tomatoes have been skinned you need to remove the seeds. Cut each tomato horizontally then simply squeeze the seeds out then use a teaspoon to scrape out any extras. Now you can prepare or cut the tomatoes any way you wish. Chop them to cook for a delicious tomato sauce or try Mamma Giuliana’s technique of cutting out the interior to make charming little tomato bowls ready to be filled with the ingredients of your choice.


How to Easily Peel and Deseed Tomatoes
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How to Easily Peel and Deseed Tomatoes
Follow this tip for easily peeling and deseeding tomatoes to prepare them for any recipe. Try this fast, easy technique for removing tomato skin and seeds.
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