Piece of guanciale sliced up

Guanciale, bacon’s richer brother

Guanciale a Roman ingredient!

Guanciale is the “localest” (yep, my English teacher would freak out right now) Roman ingredient. It’s pure seductive deliciousness with a unique flavour. You might think it’s like bacon, but it’s not, it’s guanciale! And it’s a different!

Bacon comes from the belly of the pork, guanciale comes from the cheeks, and even though the come from the same animal, they are nothing alike.

The succulent fat of the guanciale melts away upon cooking, giving great depth of flavour to the dish it is used it. It is the soul of the classical Roman pastas like Carbonara, Amatriciana and Gricia, and if you were to tell a Roman that bacon can do, you would probably get a horrified look.

It’s hard to find guanciale outside of Italy and believe it or not there are regions in Italy that don’t even know of it’s existence. This is another reason to always go local when you explore this country’s food and wine. You bump into culinary marvels that will blow your mind away, giving your palate an experience it will never forget! Guanciale will certainly be one of them!

Come taste it in all it’s deliciousness on our 90 Minute The 4 Roman Pastas Tastings . Why not learn how to prepare them all on one of our Cooking Classes.

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Guanciale, bacon's richer brother
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