Injecting Marinade into Meat with a Syringe

Mamma Giuliana adds moisture and flavor to meat by injecting it with marinade using a simple yet fantastic syringe technique. In her latest video of kitchen tips, you’ll learn to make unbeatable roasted meat using just wine or stock and a household syringe.


Taking a few extra minutes before putting your joint of meat in the oven will pay back dividends with this easy procedure. Although it might seem unbelievable, using a syringe to inject your meat with liquid before cooking will infuse it with a whole new dimension of texture, tenderness, and taste.


[youtube v=”kbN6WksBK9M” maxwidth=”600px”]


Fill a meat syringe with the liquid of your choice; Mamma Giuliana uses Marsala wine to add a little sweetness but you could use red or white wine, stock, milk, soy sauce, butter or extra virgin olive oil. Take the piece of meat (you can use any type of meat, it is always the same concept) and jab all over with the syringe, adding liquid all through the interior of the joint to aromatize and soften the meat on the inside. Then, drizzle the exterior with extra virgin olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and massage the oil into the meat with your hands. You can also add a little more of your chosen flavoring to the outside of the meat.


Place your prepared meat into a baking dish, large saucepan or casserole. Top with some chopped fresh herbs of your choice, such as rosemary, parsley, thyme or oregano, and then either roast in the oven or braise slowly on the hob as you usually would. The extra liquid you have added to the interior will help to self-baste the meat, keeping it soft and giving melt-in-the-mouth results.

Injecting Marinade into Meat with a Syringe
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Injecting Marinade into Meat with a Syringe
Get great results when roasting meat by using Mamma Giuliana's amazing syringe technique. Infuse your meat from the inside using a kitchen syringe for extra moisture, aroma, and flavor.
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