Antipasto of mozzarella and prosciutto


Antipasto in Rome

Antipasto literally this word means “before the meal“, and that it exactly what it is. It is that wonderful moment after you chose what you want to eat, and before your main course arrives.

In real restaurants in Rome (by real I mean none tourist traps), pasta is made fresh…so you have about 15/20 minutes to kill before you can indulge in your carbonara or amatriciana. Are you going to waste those 15 minutes of your Roman vacation just sitting there watching others eat? NO!

Land or sea antipasto. A matter of choice

You pick, you decide, the choice out there is always a good one. Platters of cold cuts, prosciutto, mortadella, bruschetta, cheese, stuffed or grilled veggies, artichokes, fried zucchini flowers, fried codfish, fresh mozzarella, focaccia. Depending on the restaurant, you might even find special creations from the chef. That is what an antipasto is all about.

Depending also on the kind of restaurant you decided on, you might even find sea oriented antipasto, or antipasto di mare. Octopus salad, marinated anchovies, tomatoes stuffed with tuna, it’s all a matter of taste.

platter of marinated anchovies on a bed of extra virgin olive oil

The fun part is to have every member of your party each have an antipasto and then share. It’s a great way to taste typical and local flavours and learn what you like best. Buon appetito!

Local Aromas is very quality-oriented. We have designed 15 single topic, 90-Minute Food & Wine Tours and family friendly Cooking Classes in Rome to give you the opportunity to experience how local products and ingredients are used to create our traditional dishes. They are fun, enriching, and eye-opening experiences!



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Antipasto is a great way to eat local food from Rome
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