How to Make Homemade Stock Cubes

Ditch the store-bought stock cubes and watch this video to find out how Mamma Giuliana makes her homemade version ahead of time. These little bursts of flavor are easy to make and stored in the freezer meaning you can use them at any time to elevate your dish to a whole new level. 


While there is no doubt that homemade stock is always the most flavorful, often for ease and speed it is tempting to just reach for pre-packaged stock cubes to add that little extra zing to your food. However, making your own frozen stock cubes in advance is very straightforward and means you will always have that amazing taste of homecooked stock at your fingertips.


[youtube v=”_WBu5pXCHMc” maxwidth=”600px”]


Firstly you need to prepare the stock. You can use meat, vegetable, or fish stock with whichever ingredients you prefer, just make sure that the liquid has reduced by half to make sure your cubes will have a good concentration of flavor. For example, for basic vegetable stock, Mamma Giuliana uses 450g of mixed vegetables with 2 liters of water and reduces it down to make 1 liter of stock. Check out our video recipes for amazing meat and vegetable stock for some inspiration!


Once your stock is ready, leave it to cool. If you are using a meat stock remember to remove any excess fat that has formed on the surface. Then simply pour it into one or more ice cube trays. Put the trays in the freezer and, when they have completely set, transfer the cubes to a container or freezer bag, ready for easy access when you need them.


Add your homemade stock cubes straight from the freezer to add extra flavor to soups, stews, meat dishes, risotto … anything you like! They are also great for making tasty food that kids will love. We bet that once you try it you will never buy off-the-shelf stock cubes again.


How to Make Homemade Stock Cubes
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How to Make Homemade Stock Cubes
Make your own stock ahead of time and store in the freezer for super flavor whenever you need it. Follow Mamma Giuliana's simple instructions on making homemade stock cubes.
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