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How to Make Homemade Stock Cubes

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Elevate Your Cooking with Homemade Stock Cubes

Say goodbye to store-bought stock cubes and discover how Mamma Giuliana crafts her homemade version ahead of time. These little bursts of flavor are simple to make and store conveniently in the freezer, ready to enhance any dish at a moment’s notice.

While homemade stock is undeniably the most flavorful option, it’s often easier to grab pre-packaged stock cubes for that extra zing. However, making your own frozen stock cubes in advance is straightforward and ensures you always have the rich taste of home-cooked stock at your fingertips.

Watch our video to see Mamma Giuliana’s step-by-step process:

How to Make Homemade Stock Cubes

  1. Prepare the Stock:
    • Choose your base: meat, vegetable, or fish stock.
    • Ensure the liquid has reduced by half for a concentrated flavor. For instance, Mamma Giuliana uses 450g of mixed vegetables with 2 liters of water, reducing it to 1 liter of stock. Check out our video recipes for more inspiration!
  2. Cool and Skim:
    • Once your stock is ready, let it cool. If using meat stock, remove any excess fat from the surface.
  3. Freeze:
    • Pour the cooled stock into ice cube trays.
    • Place the trays in the freezer until completely set.
    • Transfer the frozen cubes to a container or freezer bag for easy access.

Usage Tips

  • Versatile Flavor Boost: Add your homemade stock cubes straight from the freezer to soups, stews, meat dishes, risotto, and more.
  • Kid-Friendly Cooking: These cubes are great for making tasty, nutritious meals that kids will love.

Once you try this method, you’ll never go back to store-bought stock cubes. Enjoy the convenience and superior flavor of homemade stock cubes anytime you cook.

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