Find Your Perfect Food Tour in Rome

How to Choose a Roman Food and Wine Experience

Rome is one of the top gastronomic destinations in the world making it the ideal place to take a food tour or wine tasting. However, with such an overwhelming choice of culinary tours to choose from, how can you pick the best experience for you? Read our top tips for selecting the perfect food and wine tour in Rome to suit your needs.


The historic center of Rome is home to most of the city’s major sights and monuments which, unfortunately, makes it a hive of tourist trap restaurants selling poor quality food at high prices. Luckily there are still some hidden gems known only to the locals. Taking a culinary walking tour in the areas around Piazza Navona, Trastevere, and Campo de’ Fiori allows you to roam the quiet, picturesque backstreets and get the insider know-how on how to avoid being ripped off, as well as giving you the chance to sample some of Rome’s most authentic street food, pizza, gelato, and other local specialties!

Another excellent way to learn about the authentic food of Rome is to take a market tour. Whether you opt for chatting with producers at the weekly Sunday farmer’s market or combining a market tour to a cooking class, getting out of the hectic city center will give you a true glimpse into Roman life and cuisine.



Our Roman food and wine experiences are divided into walking tours and sit-down tastings. Choose a walking tour if you would like to visit several different locations and see more of the Eternal City as you eat. Alternatively, if your legs are tired from all the sightseeing a visit to Rome entails (or if you would prefer a more relaxing experience) try a sit-down tasting instead. Choose the family-friendly food tour or evening wine experience that best focuses on your likings.


How long?

Although the temptation is to opt for a long and more generic food tour, a shorter and focused experience can be more enjoyable, more convenient for families with young children, and ideal for those with limited time in Rome. Local Aromas tours and tastings cover a wealth of experiences that take place throughout the day and follow different themes. This allows you to choose exactly what you are interested in, easily slot a tour into a busy schedule, or book several separate tours over a few days.



Local Aromas carefully selects local guides, experts, and sommeliers who are passionate about their field. Our aim is to express the pride and love that the Italians hold for their cuisine and transmit the effort and energy that the individual producers and vendors we work with and endorse put in on a daily basis. We believe food and wine tours should be fun, informative, and delicious. Our aim is to make you fall in love with Italy’s local food and wine!


Local Aromas’ food and wine experiences run throughout the day, every day. Check out our calendar and easily book online.  We can also organize private and customized tours on request.

Find Your Perfect Food Tour in Rome
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Find Your Perfect Food Tour in Rome
Read our tips on finding your perfect food experience in Rome. Book your ideal tour or tasting with Local Aromas and discover the very best food and wine that Rome has to offer.
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