Pizza Romana is Rome’s Traditional Pizza

Eating traditional Roman pizza in Rome is a not-to-be-missed experience, but there are some things you should know before taking that first bite of pizza romana. Luckily Valeria and Benedetta are on hand to tell you the what, where and how of authentic pizza romana in the latest episode of the Foodie Sisters series. Read on to watch the video and find out more about Rome’s delicious signature pizza. 

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What is pizza romana?

Although pizza was originally created in Naples, the style found in Rome differs greatly from its Neopolitan cousin which is thicker and doughier. Made from just flour, water, salt and yeast, the Roman pizza base is rolled out with a rolling pin until it is paper-thin, topped up to the edges and then blasted in a wood-fired oven until it is crispy and slightly charred. On the menu you may see the selection divided into pizze bianche (no tomato sauce) and pizze rosse (with tomato sauce) and popular toppings to look out for are funghi (mushrooms), capricciosa (a combination of prosciutto, mushrooms, artichoke, olives, and egg – a similar pizza is called quattro stagioni), fiori di zucca e alici (zucchini flowers and anchovy) and, of course, the classic margherita.


Where to eat pizza romana?

Unlike pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) which is sold by weight and eaten on the go as fast food, pizza romana is a sit-down affair. Find a good pizzeria with a proper pizza oven – look for forno a legna, wood-fired oven – and beware of tourist traps serving up frozen or microwaved pizzas. If in doubt, check out our list of favorite pizza restaurants in Rome, all of which serve authentic Roman pizza.


How to eat pizza romana?

In Italy, each person at the table orders their own pizza. It will arrive at the table fresh from the oven and unsliced, so to eat it like a local cut it into slices yourself then pick it up with your hands, fold it over, and devour! In Rome, it is typical to order a few fried antipasti such as supplì or fiori di zucca, or even a simple focaccia to help to quell your hunger while you wait for your pizza but just make sure not to ruin your appetite for the main event. While you may assume that, as we are in Italy, wine is the best accompaniment, in actual fact, the Romans generally prefer to sip beer with pizza as the cold, refreshing, bubbles perfectly cleanse the palate between bites.


After tasting delicious Roman pizza in Rome, learn to make homemade pizza! Join our rooftop cooking class in Rome and your family and friends will be forever grateful.

Pizza Romana is Rome's Traditional Pizza
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Pizza Romana is Rome's Traditional Pizza
Pizza romana is Rome's signature paper-thin pizza, in our latest Foodie Sisters video find out more about how and where to eat pizza romana in Rome.
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