Classic Batter for Deep Frying Vegetables

When deep frying vegetables the Italian way, Mamma Giuliana uses a classic tried-and-tested batter. Use this super-crispy coating for the vegetables of your choice for an amazing antipasto that pairs perfectly with a glass of bubbles.


In the latest of her kitchen tips, Mamma Giuliana demonstrates her recipe for the perfect crunchy batter. In Italy, the fritto misto is often served as an appetizer and consists of a mixture of lightly golden deep-fried vegetables, sprinkled with salt and served piping hot. However, if the batter is soggy, greasy or heavy it will ruin the dish. Mamma Giuliana uses a simple, foolproof, recipe that will ensure an exquisitely crisp coverage and takes just minutes to make. Watch the video and continue reading below to find out how to recreate this fantastic dish at home.


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Place some flour in a bowl and pour in some very cold water that has chilled in the fridge (if the batter is cold it will react with the hot oil to produce extra crispiness). Mix with a fork until just combined; be careful not to over mix or it will become sticky. Add a little olive oil and set to one side. Do not add any salt to the batter as this will make it become soggy when cooked; instead, wait and season the vegetables after frying.


In a separate bowl whisk one egg white until very stiff then carefully fold into the flour and water mixture, be careful not to knock the air out of the egg white as this is what will make the batter light. Once the egg is combined coat the vegetables well. You can use any vegetable you want but zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, carrot, artichoke, and broccoli work well.


Heat some frying oil in a wide pan until very hot then fry your vegetables until they turn light gold, be careful not to overcook them. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain off the excess oil on kitchen towel before serving hot with a good sprinkling of salt. And voilà, the perfect batter every time!

Classic Batter for Deep Frying Vegetables
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Classic Batter for Deep Frying Vegetables
Get the step-by-step instructions for preparing a perfect batter for deep-fried vegetables. Watch Mamma Giuliana use her foolproof method for making Italian fritto misto.
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