How to Use a Ravioli Stamp

One way to truly impress your dinner party guests is to prepare perfectly-shaped homemade ravioli thanks to the use of a ravioli stamp. Although it might seem daunting, the procedure is actually very simple and, if you pay attention to Mamma Giuliana’s latest kitchen tips, homemade ravioli will become a regular dish on your menu. Watch the video below to see the different ways you can use special stamps to create perfectly uniform ravioli shapes.


Once you have become an expert at rolling out your own pasta dough, the next step is to use it to make your own ravioli. These stuffed pasta pockets can be made into endless varieties with different shapes, sizes, and fillings. In her latest video, Mamma Giuliana takes you step-by-step through the ravioli-making process, sharing her own secrets along the way.


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Making your own egg pasta is always fun but with ravioli, you can truly let your creativity shine through. There are two different types of ravioli stamp, one like a tray where you place your first sheet of pasta on top, pushing down into the holes to create space for the filling before putting another pasta sheet on top, sealing and rolling it to divide into separate shapes. The others are single stamps which are used to cut out the shapes individually.


Whichever shape or stamp you use, there are a few things to watch out for. Firstly, it is normal that the pasta dough might dry out a little while you are preparing the ravioli; this is fine but be sure to brush a little water along the edges to ensure that they seal properly. If the ravioli are not closed well, the filling will escape when you put them into boiling water so make sure that the edges are closed tight. Also, it is important to push all of the air out of the ravioli before you close them otherwise they will inflate and open during cooking.


Lastly, enjoy yourself! Once you have practiced the technique it is easy to experiment with different shapes and play around with different ingredients for the filling. Let us know how you get on!

How to Use a Ravioli Stamp
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How to Use a Ravioli Stamp
Get the best kitchen tips on making ravioli from scratch. Watch the video to see how to make perfect homemade ravioli every time.
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