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Finding the Best Supplì in Rome

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Discover Supplì: The King of Roman Street Food

Join Local Aromas’ founders Valeria and Benedetta in the latest episode of our new video series spotlighting the very best of Roman cuisine. This week, the Foodie Sisters dive into the world of supplì, the reigning king of Roman street food!

What are Supplì?

Supplì are deep-fried rice balls, a staple in Rome’s culinary landscape. Found in takeaway shops and pizzerias across the city, they are enjoyed at any time of the day. These quick, cheap, and utterly delicious snacks are the true fast food of the Eternal City, offering a satisfying solution for anyone in need of a tasty bite without spending a fortune.

Experience Supplì on Our Food Tours

Want to taste supplì for yourself? Join our Roman Street Food Tour in Rome to explore the best street food in Rome, including a delicious supplì.

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