Finding the Best Supplì in Rome

Join Local Aromas’ founders Valeria and Benedetta in the latest episode of our new video series which focuses on the very best of Roman food. This week, follow the Foodie Sisters as they talk about the king of Roman street food, the supplì!


These deep-fried rice balls are an institution in Rome and can be found in takeaway shops and pizzerias around the city, at any time of day. Quick, cheap, and delicious they are the true fast-food of the Eternal City and the perfect solution when you need a satisfying snack that won’t break the bank.


[youtube v=”DLNLBohrvLA” maxwidth=”600px”]


We’ve got two different food tours in Rome that have supplì on the menu: the Roman Street Food Tour and the Aperitivo: Italian Cocktail Hour Tour. Plus, here is our very favorite supplì spots in Rome.

Finding the Best Supplì in Rome
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Finding the Best Supplì in Rome
Watch our video about supplì, the king of Roman street food. Find out how, where and why you should not miss tasting this delicious fried snack while in Rome.
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Local Aromas
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