Cooking Minced Meat With No Lumps

When cooking minced meat you want to make sure you get no lumps. Mamma Giuliana has a top kitchen tip for ensuring perfect lump-free minced meat every time. Use this simple technique for cooking any kind of mince for any kind of recipe and save time and effort in the kitchen. 


When making any recipe with minced meat, be it lasagne, cannelloni, pasta sauce or pie, nothing will ruin the dish like large, unsightly, clumps of meat. Rather than trying to break up the chunks with a spoon or fork as it cooks, instead, try Mamma Giuliana’s foolproof procedure prior to cooking and then simply leave the mince to cook itself.


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Place the minced meat in a bowl then add some milk and use your hands to combine together well. As you mix, you will feel the meat becoming softer and any lumps just melt away. To cook, just melt a little butter in a frying pan and add the meat and milk mixture. Add any extra ingredients required for your recipe, such as tomatoes or passata, or use the following technique to create a fast white sauce.


Instead of making a separate classic bechamel sauce which is much more complicated and lengthy, you can create this super quick yet very tasty version directly in the frying pan. As the mince cooks, just add a little flour to the pan. Cook for a few minutes so that the flour cooks out and the result will not taste chalky. Then pour in a bit more milk and stir; the flour will combine with the melted butter and milk to form a sauce. Continue to cook until the mince is browned then season with salt and pepper before serving as you choose.

Lump-free Minced Meat
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Lump-free Minced Meat
Get rid of unsightly lumps and clumps in your minced meat recipes with this foolproof technique. Follow Mamma Giuliana's kitchen tip for perfect lump-free mince.
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