How to Make Meat Tender

In her latest video, Mamma Giuliana shows you her secret method to make white meats tender. Using just a few ingredients, this practical and easy advice will make your meat so soft that it simply melts in your mouth.


Tough, chewy, dry, meat can really ruin a dish so it helps to tenderize the meat before you begin. The most common way is to use a wooden or metal kitchen mallet to pound the meat to soften it. However, Mamma Giuliana’s method of soaking the raw meat in a mixture of milk and egg will truly make a difference and requires much less effort. The acids and enzymes found naturally in milk will help to break down the proteins of the meat, making it soft and tender when cooked.


[youtube v=”YuM6SEEMAio” maxwidth=”600px”]


This technique works with any white meat so try it with slices of chicken, pork, or turkey. First, crack an egg into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, and whisk well. Next pour in a generous amount of milk and whisk a little more. Place your pieces of meat into the mixture, cover with a plate or plastic wrap and leave in the fridge overnight. Depending on the amount of meat you have you may need to increase the quantities to ensure the meat is totally covered in the mixture.


The next day you can cook the meat however you prefer, pan-fried, in a stew or casserole, or coated in breadcrumbs. Whichever preparation you choose, you will definitely notice that the texture of the meat is buttery soft and tender. So little effort and such great results!

How to Make Meat Tender
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How to Make Meat Tender
Use this easy method to tenderize white meats by soaking in milk and egg. Get the softest, melt in the mouth, meat by following this simple technique.
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