Why Take a Food Tour in Rome?

5 Reasons to Take a Local Aromas Food Tour

The Italians are renowned for their passion and respect for food so, to really get under the skin of any Italian city, a food tour is a great place to start, and Rome is no exception. As you meet the producers and purveyors of Roman cuisine and see where the locals shop and eat, you gain a unique glimpse into the Italian lifestyle that standard sightseeing of monuments, museums, and churches cannot provide. And what’s more, you also get to savor delicious food as you go.


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If you still need convincing, here are 5 great reasons why you need to book a Local Aromas food tour.


1. Understand Italian Food

Italian food is loved all over the world but it is often regarded as just ‘pizza and pasta’. As any Italian will tell you, Italian cuisine is, in fact, regional and very varied. Many exquisite, unusual dishes are rarely found outside of their area of origin, so a food tour is a perfect way to understand how the varied history, climate, and traditions of the different regions of the country have created such a wealth of gastronomic delights.


2. Learn Local Customs

Want to eat when the locals eat? Want to know how and what to order on the menu? Want to avoid the tourist traps? Our tour guides not only explain and let you taste some of Rome’s best food but will also give you indispensable advice on dining in the Eternal City, ensuring that you experience delicious Roman cuisine even long after the tour is over. For the best results, take a food tour on your first day in Rome to set yourself up with great recommendations and tips for the remainder of your trip.


3. Eat New Things

Food tours give you the opportunity to be an adventurous eater in a controlled setting. When ordering your own food you may opt for something that you know you will enjoy to avoid spending money on a disappointment. However, with a food tour, that decision is made for you, opening you up to new culinary experiences and flavors that you may otherwise never have had the chance to try.


4. See the City with a Local

Local Aromas’ expert guides not only know where to eat great food in Rome, but they also live there. Taking a tour opens you up to an encyclopedia of local knowledge. Although food is the main focus of the tour, along the way you will also gain local insight into Roman life and culture together with fascinating historical tidbits as you wander Rome’s beautiful streets and alleyways.


5. Get Off the Beaten Track

When visiting Rome there are, of course, the unmissable sights such as the Colosseum and the Vatican that must be ticked off, but why not also take a break from the crowds and head off into the hidden corners of the city to devour some delicious delicacies. Food tours not only provide a relaxing change of pace but will also take you to the parts of the city less frequented by tourists, allowing you to see how the Romans really live their daily life.


To join one of our food tours simply book online on the Local Aromas website, or organize a tailor-made experience by contacting us. We can’t wait to share our love of Italy’s cuisine with you!

Why Take a Food Tour in Rome?
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Why Take a Food Tour in Rome?
Not sure whether to book a food tour in Rome? Read our top 5 reasons why taking a culinary tour with a foodie guide will make your visit to Rome delicious.
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