Where to Drink Cocktails in Rome

Rome’s Coolest Cocktail Bars and Speakeasies

A decade ago ordering a cocktail in Rome was a risky business. The concept of mixology was rare outside of the fanciest hotel bars and the idea of a speakeasy was largely unheard of. Now the craft cocktail movement has stormed the capital and there are numerous hidden back rooms and secret basements serving delectable beverages ranging from perfectly executed classics to weird and wonderful inventions.


Here are Local Aromas’ favorite places to grab a late-night tipple:


Drink Kong

Cocktail master Patrick Pistolesi’s new opening in Monti is the place to be seen in Rome right now. Going further than simply serving drinks, Drink Kong is a fully-rounded sensory experience. The 300 sqm space is an adventure in itself with 80s neon lights, video games, regular live music combined with an alluringly unique cocktail menu.

Piazza San Martino ai Monti, 8 (Monti)


The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy

The opening of the Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in 2010 heralded the turning point of the Rome cocktail scene and it remains at the forefront of the capital’s nightlife. You are going to need a password to get in (obtained by answering a question hidden on their website) but the sense of secrecy only heightens the excitement of passing through the door and being immediately transported to prohibition-era New York.

Vicolo Cellini, 30 (Centro Storico)



Pass through the Premiata Panineria sandwich shop in Pigneto and call the payphone to gain access to this sprawling speakeasy complete with roulette table bar, red leather banquettes, and a rooftop terrace where you can sip your heavenly cocktail with a view of Rome’s rooftops.

Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 53 (Pigneto)


Blind Pig

Pull up a stool at the Blind Pig’s gorgeous bar and let their friendly staff guide you through the enticing drinks list. The elegant deep green decor, relaxed vibe, and excellent cocktails are accompanied by a menu of delectably garnished fresh focaccia for when the hunger kicks in.

Via La Spezia, 72 (San Giovanni)


Niji Cafè

Blink and you’ll miss this tiny bar which is unassumingly tucked down a Trastevere back street. The classy decor, complete with a few playful touches, creates a cozy and laid-back, yet super-stylish, environment in which to sample the delicious and impeccably made cocktails while rubbing shoulders with the cool kids of Rome.

Via dei Vascellari, 35 (Trastevere)


The Race Club

Hidden below a mechanic’s garage a stone’s throw from the Colosseum, the Race Club is easy to miss. Low, arched ceilings, vintage decor, and a list of creative and signature drinks make this an atmospheric late-night drinking den away from the more visible tourist traps.

Via Labicana, 52 (Colosseum)


La Punta Expendio de Agave

You might be in Trastevere but La Punta Expendio de Agave will take you to Mexico with its warm, colorful decor, authentic menu of Mexican snacks and unique cocktail selection (unusually presented as a passport). Agave is the theme with mezcal and tequila cocktails taking pride of place on the drinks list.

Via di Santa Cecilia, 8 (Trastevere) 


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Where to Drink Cocktails in Rome
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Where to Drink Cocktails in Rome
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