Where to Buy Wine in Rome

Our Favorite Wine Shops in Rome

It is no surprise that there are many places to buy wine in Rome. While most of the city’s supermarkets and delis carry a good selection of cheap plonk, for something a little bit special the locals will head to their nearest enoteca to pick up a bottle. Somewhat confusingly the word enoteca covers any establishment that is vaguely wine-related; from bottle shops to hole-in-the-wall wine bars, to smart restaurants with an extensive wine list. In theory, all of these will sell you a bottle to take away (da asporto) but the dedicated stores generally have a wider selection, good prices, and staff on hand to guide your selection.


Here is the Local Aromas list of our favorite wine shops in Rome:


Enoteca Romana

It is worth the trip to the northern neighborhood of Piazza Bologna just to visit this historic wine shop. Floor-to-ceiling shelves groan under the immense collection of wines from Italy and beyond, all on sale at excellent prices, and it is not unusual to see the locals stop by for a chat with the delightful owner, Signor Gianni.

Via Cremona 55 (Piazza Bologna)


Les Vignerons

After making a name for itself in the eastern suburbs, Les Vignerons moved to a more central location in Trastevere in 2016, taking its loyal clientele with it. The selection focuses on natural wines from small producers along with a good offering of craft beers, and the helpful staff is more than happy to take the time to help you make your choice.

Via Goffredo Mameli 61 (Trastevere)



If you can’t find it at Costantini it probably doesn’t exist. With over 4000 labels in their 800 sqm cellar, this elegant store in Prati is the place to come for a rare or special bottle of wine. Upstairs there is also a huge selection of spirits and they are one of the few places in Rome with an online shop which delivers all over the world.

Piazza Cavour 16 (Prati)



The Trimani family have been wine sellers in Rome for almost 200 years and their current location near Termini station opened in 1872. Boasting a list of over 6000 wines and spirits, there are certainly plenty of choices and they can also organize shipping. And if the shopping makes you thirsty, the Trimani wine bar is located just around the corner at Via Cernaia, 37B.

Via Goito 20 (Termini)


If you want to taste and learn more about the wines first, then join our sommeliers on our unique wine tastings in Rome. Whether you prefer bubbles, whites or reds, or want to experience the Italian-only spirits, grappa, we have designed the perfect tasting for you.

Where to Buy Wine in Rome
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Where to Buy Wine in Rome
Discover the best wine shops in the Eternal City and be assured to pick up a great bottle with our list of the top places to buy wine in Rome.
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