What Italians Eat at Home During Easter

During Easter, Italians prepare many many local dishes you probably have never even heard of.

All throughout Italy, special dishes are prepared exceptionally for Easter many of which use ingredients that have a specific religious meaning. Prepared in many different ways depending on the local traditions, the lamb has a profound meaning as Christians refer to Jesus as the Lamb of God. Eggs are used in many dishes or served hard boiled as the shell represents the sealed tomb of Christ while the cracking represents Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.


Food Tours Rome - Local Aromas | What Italians Eat at Home During Easter


Easter Sunday usually kicks off with an abundant breakfast of salami, savory cakes and pies, hard-boiled eggs, and dessert. Every region and every Italian family has its own colazione di Pasqua traditions, yet there is one dish that is served all across Italy, the colomba. This traditional Italian Easter cake is usually store-bought and not homemade due to its shape and complexity.


Food Tours Rome - Local Aromas | What Italians Eat at Home During Easter


In Italy, Easter lunch is more of an all-day affair celebrated with family and friends. Easter menus vary from region to region, from family traditions to family traditions. One thing they all have in common, from north to south, from main course to dessert, is that Easter dishes are rich, elaborate, and with religiously meaningful ingredients.

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