We went to a (muddy!) vineyard and look what happened!

It was hilarious! Here’s the story.


17 km (10 miles) from the Spanish Steps in Rome, there is an incredible location.

We told Mamma Giuliana, Papà Riccardo, Carla, Cristina, Eric, and Giampaolo to be there for a very important photo shoot we had to do.

8 hours. That’s how long we were there taking pictures and shooting videos with our super talented Director of Photography, Giampaolo.

The only thing … it was quite muddy! So this happened.

If you know our (crazy!) chef Carla, this should come to no surprise … 😜

Carla falling from the chair

(Look at Benedetta laughing in the background!)

What were we doing in a stunning, muddy vineyard?

Well, Giampaolo wanted to capture the true essence of the Local Aromas Family for a very special project we have created for you.

And guess what … BINGO!

The pictures he took that day are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


Out of all the pictures we took, this family portrait was the perfect one. 😍

Isn’t it beautiful?! 


So we chose it as the main image of our biggest project ever …

We are building a home in Italy for you! 😲

You have no idea. You have no idea!


We’ll tell you more in another post. 🙂