We Have a Gift for You!

We have worked so hard these past 6 years with the only purpose of serving YOU … especially when you couldn’t travel to Italy!

Consider this.


​We live in Italy, we have access to all of the dishes and wines we love, we already know all the stories and recipes we share, we speak Italian, and we live the Italian lifestyle … every single day!

So the only reason we do everything we do is simply because we want to share Italy with YOU!

That’s why we created a place we can all call home, Casa Local Aromas. And we would love for you to have the keys to your (online) home in Italy. 🏠

Key to Casa Local Aromas


But before you join, why don’t you first enjoy this (fun!) gift we have prepared for you? 🎁

It’s a FREE COURSE called How to Prepare a (Super Simple!) Elaborate-looking Italian Full Meal Under 1 Hour.

We have loaded it with everything you need to know to cook smart and easy like an Italian:​

✔ How to cook, eat, drink & enjoy life like an Italian

✔ The 3 pillars of Italian cuisine

✔ Tips and hacks to easily organize your under-1-hour Italian full meal

✔ 4 recipes (very local dishes you probably have never heard of!) with videos and downloadables

✔ 2 Italian wines paired with the meal by our local sommelier

Get your online course for free NOW … and inside you’ll find a special set of keys we created for you, in case you want to join Casa Local Aromas!