Tasting and Stripping Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italy is renowned for its extra virgin olive oil and excellent, quality, oils are produced all over the country, from north to south. Using a wonderful oil can completely transform the flavor and intensity of your food; as we like to say at Local Aromas, it is not just a condiment, it is an ingredient in its own right.

In the new episode of our Foodie Sisters in Italy video series, certified olive oil sommelier Benedetta shows Valeria how to properly taste oil like a true expert: drinking and stripping it! Get the best tips on how to select a top Italian olive oil and find out what to avoid to ensure that you make the right choice. Once you introduce a bottle of high-quality olive oil into your kitchen, you can never go back!

If you would like to learn more about this fabulous Italian product, sign up for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting in Rome and be personally guided through the tasting of some of Italy’s best oils. If you would like to ship quality olive oil from Italy right to your door, check out our Favorites page for an amazing special offer in collaboration with our favorite oil shop in Rome.


Tasting and Striping Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Tasting and Striping Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Watch our new Food Sisters in Italy video all about Italian extra virgin olive oil. Find out how to properly taste olive oil and how to choose a high-quality oil which will transform your food.
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