Rome’s Best Sandwiches

7 Places to Eat a Great Panino in Rome

Nothing beats a sandwich for a quick lunch on the go and Rome’s panino game is strong. Whether you want a simple ham and cheese sandwich, a traditional Roman stew squashed between local bread, or a gourmet spin on classic combos, there are plenty of great-value sandwich spots to satisfy both your taste buds and your wallet.

Here is the Local Aromas guide to the best panino places in the Eternal City:


Zia Rosetta

A hip place in a hip neighborhood, Zia Rosetta has given the humble rosetta (a typical Roman bread roll in the shape of a rose) a new lease of life. Aside from the fixed menu of fillings (which also come in miniature size), there are always seasonal ingredients on offer, often combined in delicious and intriguing ways.

Via Urbana, 54 (Monti)


Dar Ciriola

Lazio’s local ciriola bread roll is the star of the show at this cool Pigneto panino joint. The range of fillings runs the gamut from cured meats, cheeses, and vegetables to hot, home-cooked Roman recipes such as tripe, meatballs, and chicken with peppers.

Via Pausania, 2 (Pigneto)


Panino Divino

This small shop is the perfect place to escape the crowds around the Vatican and fuel up on a hearty panino after some serious sightseeing. Generous portions and plenty of choices make this a great-value option in an area largely overrun with tourist traps.

Via dei Gracchi, 11 (Vatican)


Mordi e Vai

Believe the hype, Sergio Esposito’s panini are well-worth the trip south of the center to the neighborhood market of Testaccio. The idea of serving mouth-watering traditional Roman recipes (think boiled beef, sausages and broccoli, quinto quarto offal dishes, and seasonal vegetables) in sandwich form has spawned an array of imitations around town but the original is the best.

Testaccio Market, Via Beniamino Franklin, 12/E (Testaccio)


La Baguetteria del Fico

Finding a quick place for lunch which won’t break the bank in the heart of the historic center can be challenging but this small, yet smart, establishment is just a short stroll from Piazza Navona and serves tasty baguettes stuffed with a great choice of top quality fillings.

Via della Fossa, 12 (Piazza Navona)


200 Gradi

Despite its prime position near the Vatican, 200 Gradi is popular with locals as well as tourists. It can get very busy at peak lunchtime, but pick your panino from the vast menu and devour it in the adjacent piazza for a lunch in the shadow of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Piazza del Risorgimento, 3 (Vatican)


Antica Norcineria Iacozzilli

Not only is Iacozzilli’s effusive owner Piero a local celebrity on the streets of Trastevere his sumptuous porchetta sandwich is arguably the best in Rome. Take a number, wait your turn, choose the type of bread you prefer and then pick your fillings from this deli’s mouthwatering array of meats and cheeses. The friendly staff will simply weigh each filling and you pay the total. A great, budget-friendly, way to eat in Rome.

Via Natale del Grande, 15 (Trastevere)


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Rome's Best Sandwiches
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Rome's Best Sandwiches
If you are dining in Rome on a budget you can't go wrong with a typical Roman panino. Check out our list of the best sandwich places in the Eternal City.
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