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Rome’s Best Pizza By The Slice

By Kate Zagorski

Where to eat the most delicious pizza al taglio in Rome

For a tasty snack or quick lunch in Rome you can’t go wrong with pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice). Across the city there are thousands of small takeaway shops and bakeries selling this popular street food which is priced by the kilogram then simply sold by weight. Unlike the more traditional sit-down pizzeriaspizza al taglio is an altogether more informal affair and will cost you just a few euros.

Pizzas are laid out on the counter so just point to the one you want, then indicate the amount with your hands, or say ‘più’ (more) or ‘meno’ (less). The pizza is then sliced or cut with scissors and thrown on the scale. Seating at most pizza al taglio shops is limited or non-existent so grab your slice and savour it in the nearest piazza for a great-value meal with a view.

Here is the Local Aromas pick of the top pizza al taglio spots in the Eternal City:


The first and flagship shop of Rome’s undisputed pizza al taglio king is handily located right next to the Vatican Museums therefore making it a convenient snack stop either before or after a visit to the Sistine Chapel. A focus on quality, combined with a heavy dose of creativity and skill, means Pizzarium regularly tops the list for best pizza by the slice in Rome.

PizzariumVia della Meloria 43 (Vatican), Tel: +39.06.39745416

Cucina del Teatro

Part of the savoury off-shoot of celebrated gelato shop Gelateria del Teatro, Cucina del Teatro holds its own on the pizza front with its light base and fresh toppings. The location, down a small picturesque alleyway off the beautiful Via dei Coronari, a short stroll from Piazza Navona, makes it a great option in an area overrun with tourist traps.

Cucina del Teatro, Via di S. Simone 70 (Piazza Navona), Tel: +39.06.88939388

Eat Rome's best pizza

Pizza Margherita, fresh from the oven

Antico Forno Roscioli

The Roscioli family bakery remains an everlasting stalwart on the pizza al taglio scene and for good reason. A constant stream of both locals and tourists ensure a continuous production of steaming trays of pizza coming out the oven. The toppings are kept simple and classic, with a few seasonal flourishes, and the dough is considered one of the finest in Rome.

Antico Forno Roscioli, Via dei Chiavari 34 (Campo de’ Fiori), Tel: +39.06.6864045 

La Boccaccia

The counter at La Boccaccia is a riot of colour with perennial favourites accompanied by seasonal specialties which make the most of local produce to top the crispy dough. In winter try the pumpkin with pecorino, in summer don’t miss the prosciutto and fresh fig. La Boccaccia has several branches in Rome but the original spot has a couple of rickety tables outside and an evocative backdrop of the terracotta tones of Trastevere.

La Boccaccia, Via di Santa Dorotea 2 (Trastevere), Tel: +39.320.7756277

Rome's best pizza by the slice

Pizza al taglio

I Supplì

Although named after their top-notch fried rice balls, I Supplì in Trastevere also knocks out some of the best pizza slices in the hood. The thin crispy Roman-style base is simply topped with the classics, from fiori di zucca e alici (squash blossoms and anchovies), patate (grated potato just crisping up at the edge) and marinara (zingy tomato sauce with garlic).

I Supplì, Via San Francesco a Ripa 137 (Trastevere), Tel: +39.06.5897110

Forno Campo de’ Fiori

This historic bakery on the corner of Campo de’ Fiori has kept its neighbourhood charm in one of the most touristic parts of town. Local Romans still swing by in the morning for the fresh bread and pastries but the pizza has its own very loyal following, particularly the simple biancamore akin to a flatbread of focaccia, which is eaten by itself or folded around wafer-thin slices of mortadella, and the rossa topped with tomato.

Forno Campo de’ Fiori, Campo de’ Fiori 22 (Campo de’ Fiori), Tel: +39.06.68806662

Rome's best pizza

Pizza bianca and mortadella

Pizza Zazà

A tiny hole-in-the-wall, Pizza Zazà is easy to miss tucked as it is between the elegant palazzi of the historic centre. If you can find it you will be rewarded with freshly baked dough which is proved for 72 hours to ensure a light, crispy base, topped with organic ingredients from hand-picked producers.

Pizza Zazà, Piazza Sant’ Eustachio 49 (Pantheon), Tel: +39.06.68801357


Located inside Testaccio’s modern market, CasaManco is a new kid on the block but is already making waves. The light bases, with just the right touch of crispness, are adorned with quality toppings that are interestingly and thoughtfully combined with a refreshing culinary imagination. From sausage, onion and apple to orange, fennel and olive the counter here is always a surprise.

CasaManco, Box 22, Mercato di Testaccio Via Aldo Manuzio (Testaccio), Tel +39.3387026829

Rome's best pizza in Testaccio Market

Pizza at Casamanco in Testaccio Market

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Rome's Best Pizza By The Slice
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