Roman Cooking Dinner in Rome

A hands-on cooking class is the best way to experience the local cuisine and traditions

3 hours
Rome, Italy

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Are you ready to experience a memorable cooking class making fresh homemade pasta and gnocchi from scratch? Our local chef and guide will share all the cooking tips and secrets you need to know when preparing the dishes. In this hands-on cooking experience you’ll understand the local ingredients, traditions, and culture behind each recipe. Cook, enjoy the moment, and bring back home new recipes to add to your family cookbook.

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The Experience Includes

Private hands-on cooking class with a chef and guide

Make fresh egga pasta and gnocchi

Lifetime membership to The Local Aromas Family

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Sign language guide

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Roman Cooking Dinner in Rome
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Roman Cooking Dinner in Rome
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Rome, Italy
Make ravioli, gnocchi, and tiramisù from scratch with a local chef. Then enjoy a rooftop dinner with prosecco and Italian wine. Spend a fun, local evening at our Roman Cooking Dinner in Rome.