Pizza and Gelato Tasting Tour in Rome

Treat yourself with an all local pizza and artisanal gelato tasting tour. Your taste buds will thank you

3 hours
Rome, Italy

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You will be amazed by the many types of pizza you can have in Rome and by how locals enjoy them in different ways. That is exactly what we want you to experience, so that you can truly enjoy the local pizza lifestyle.

Do you know what authentic artisanal gelato looks like? We’ll show you how to spot the real one and we guarantee you will taste the best gelato of your life!

Join our local guide on this family favorite Pizza and Gelato Tasting Tour in Rome. Experience the true Italian lifestyle!

The Experience Includes

Experience design and creation

Private walking tour with a local guide 

Tasting of local pizza and artisanal gelato

Local Aromas Team assistance

Lifetime membership to The Local Aromas Family

1-month free trial to our Italian online cooking school

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Sign language guide

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Pizza and Gelato Tasting Tour in Rome
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Pizza and Gelato Tasting Tour in Rome
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Local Aromas,
Viale Giulio Cesare, 223,Rome,Italy-00192,
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Rome, Italy
Taste 2 types of Roman pizza by the slice: pizza alla pala & pizza alla teglia. Finish lunch with two samples of artisanal gelato. Families love this 90-minute Pizza and Gelato Tasting Tour in Rome.
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