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Local Aromas lives by the very strong values of quality, local experience, and made in Italy. We have hand-picked companies that share our same beliefs and consider them our trusted partners.

There are over 300 hidden treasures in Italy that mainly locals know about. They are called borghi and they are so much more than just villages. Each town preserves its local identity, culture, traditions and they are the true heart and soul of Italy.

Borghi Magazine is committed to unveiling the authenticity of Italy’s borghi villages. Through its monthly editions, you have the opportunity to discover these tiny gems and gain a deeper insight into the real essence of Italy.

Subscribe to the digital edition of Borghi Magazine and fall in love with Italy’s unique, undiscovered, and unspoiled borghi towns.

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Local Aromas Partners
We have hand-picked the companies that share our same values of quality, made in Italy, and local experience. These are our trusted partners.
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Local Aromas
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