Visit Testaccio market food tours Rome

Testaccio Market Food Tours in Rome

Introducing Our Brand New Testaccio Market Food Tours

The neighbourhood of Testaccio is often cited as having some of the best food in Rome, so Local Aromas are proud and excited to announce two new Testaccio Market food tours. 

Come with us as we peel back the layers of Roman cuisine from ancient times until today, tracing the history of the neighbourhood and its development and eating as we go.

Testaccio has played a large part in the food of Rome. From the ancient inner city port and its surrounding warehouses which stored olive oil, grains and wine from across the Roman Empire, to the immense slaughterhouse constructed in the late 19th century which shaped the traditional Roman recipes that are still enjoyed today.

Testaccio Market provides a fascinating insight into over 2,000 years of Rome’s culinary history under one roof. Join us as we meet the people of the market; hear the stories of the family-run stalls selling their home-grown produce and the new businesses injecting modern flair into time-honored Roman recipes stopping along the way to taste delicious, locally-made food, wine and olive oil.

New Testaccio market food tours in Rome

Visit Testaccio Market on our new food tours in Rome

Choose from our two fantastic Testaccio food tours:

Inside Out Testaccio Market Tour

The perfect Roman food tour for real foodies, this great-value, 90-minute market tour delves into the real ‘cucina romana’ and explains how the history, people and geographical location of Rome have contributed to the way that the people of Rome still eat today. Try seasonal produce, typical Roman street food and locally-made cured meats and cheese as you chat with the vibrant characters of the market and learn how to eat and shop like a true Italian.

€39 Adults & Teenagers / €31 Children (age 4-12)

Read more about the Inside Out Testaccio Market Food Tour

Taste local produce on new Testaccio market food tours in Rome

Sample the best local produce on our Testaccio food tours

Testaccio Market: Stories & Secrets Tour

Dig deeper into the ancient history of Testaccio on this fascinating 2-hour tour which combines two fundamental elements of Roman life: archaeology and food. Hear about the important part that Testaccio played in the development of the Roman Empire before heading underground to see the spellbinding site discovered during the construction of the new market. Then come with us to visit the produce stalls and street food stands of today’s Testaccio stopping to taste, explore and experience the best market in Rome.  

€69 Adults & Teenagers / €55 Children (age 4-12)

Read more about the Testaccio Market: Stories & Secrets Food Tour

Go underground on our new Testaccio market food tour in Rome

Visit the amazing underground archaeological site hidden beneath Testaccio Market

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Testaccio Market Food Tours in Rome
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