Local Aromas Walking Food Tours

Italy boasts incredible culture and history but the main focus of everyday life is food! Taking a food tour is a great way to delve into Rome’s rich culinary landscape and find out how the events, places, and people of Italy have shaped the country’s cuisine.


Check out our video for a glimpse of what a Local Aromas food tour is all about.


[youtube v=”roaT_qtE1YQ” maxwidth=”600px”]


Our food tours are full of delectable tastings and they give you the opportunity to explore Rome with a local. There are many local foodie experiences to choose from: Roman street food, pizza and gelato, aperitivo cocktail hour, farmer’s market, the 4 Roman pastas.


The experience you get when joining a Local Aromas food tour is so much more than just food. Roam the winding backstreets, hear the fascinating stories of the city, learn the traditions behind each dish and ingredient, and find out how to truly eat like an Italian. And you also become a lifetime member of The Local Aromas Family.


Local Aromas is committed to helping you fall in love with Italy’s local food and wine.

Local Aromas Walking Food Tours
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Local Aromas Walking Food Tours
Get a glimpse of the Local Aromas walking food tour experience with our video. Come with us to wander the beautiful streets of Rome and taste the best food the city has to offer.
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Local Aromas
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