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Roasted porchetta

Porchetta: Rome’s Perfect Roast Pork

You never forget your first taste of porchetta. This melt-in-the-mouth, aromatic, slow-roasted pork is prepared throughout central Italy and is one of the superstars of Roman cuisine. In the new episode of the...

Two girls sitting on a bridge in Florence

5 Day Trips from Rome for Foodies

Rome might have more to do and see than you can fit into a lifetime, but sometimes it is nice to escape the Eternal City and soak up somewhere different. As foodies, we love nothing better than history,...


Tiramisù, the iconic Italian dessert

If there is just one iconic Italian dessert known throughout the world it is undoubtedly tiramisù. This week’s episode of our Foodie Sisters video series sees Benny and Valeria take a closer look at this...

The foodies sisters holding a suppli

Finding the Best Supplì in Rome

Join Local Aromas’ founders Valeria and Benedetta in the latest episode of our new video series which focuses on the very best of Roman food. This week, follow the Foodie Sisters as they talk about the...

Wheels of Pecorino Romano Cheese

A Guide to Pecorino Romano

All About Rome’s Favorite Cheese If you have ordered a pasta dish in Rome, chances are you have tasted Pecorino Romano. While outside of Italy it is more common to find Parmigiano Reggiano, parmesan...

Valeria and Benedetta, the Foodie Sisters in Italy, during the shooting

Eating Pizza by the Slice in Rome

In the first of our new video series which will delve into the most delicious parts of Roman cuisine, Local Aromas co-founders Benedetta and Valeria take a look at Rome’s iconic pizza by the slice....

Group of people cooking in a kitchen

Local Aromas Cooking Classes

When in Rome, what could be better than learning how to cook with an Italian chef? If you want to know how to knead pasta like a pro, cook real pizza in your own kitchen or prepare perfect gnocchi, our...

red wine being poured in a glass

Local Aromas Tastings

Make your palate pop and your taste buds tingle with the flavors of Italy at a Local Aromas wine, grappa or olive oil tasting. Our qualified sommeliers will introduce you to the world of Italian wine, teaching...

Local Aromas guide in a tiramisu store

Local Aromas Walking Food Tours

Italy boasts incredible culture and history but the main focus of everyday life is food! Taking a food tour is a great way to delve into Rome’s rich culinary landscape and find out how the events, places, and...

Bianchini family

Introducing Local Aromas

Want to learn a little bit more about us? Check out our video and find out why we decided to set up a family business dedicated to the amazing food and wine of Italy. Meet the Bianchini family behind Local...

typical carnival fritters in Italy

Recipe for Italian Carnival Castagnole

How to Make One of Italy’s Traditional Carnevale Treats In Italy, most holidays and celebrations warrant their own dish or delicacy which is prepared especially for the time of year. Carnival time is no...

Two pizza's in display

Why Take a Food Tour in Rome?

5 Reasons to Take a Local Aromas Food Tour The Italians are renowned for their passion and respect for food so, to really get under the skin of any Italian city, a food tour is a great place to start, and Rome...

platter of tuna steak with veggies in the center

How to Find Rome’s Best Restaurants

5 Tips for Finding a Great Place to Eat in Rome Like most big cities, Rome has its fair share of tourist traps serving up mediocre or simply bad food for inflated prices. The huge number of visitors flocking...

Espresso coffee on a table

7 Best Coffee Bars In Rome

Our Favorite Places to Drink Coffee in Rome There is a coffee shop (known locally as a bar) on almost every corner in Rome. Such is the Italians’ love of caffeine that they will stop several times a day for a...

a beautiful roman broccoli

Pasta with Roman Broccoli Recipe

How to Make Pasta con Broccolo Romanesco One of Rome’s most beautiful and distinctive winter vegetables is the broccolo romanesco. A cousin of broccoli and cauliflower, its bright green, pointed florets...

Artichokes on a table

Eating Artichokes in Rome

A Guide to Roman Artichokes Anyone visiting Rome between Christmas and Easter would be a fool not to eat some local artichokes. Whether you opt for them fried, braised, tossed with pasta or raw in a salad,...

Group of people sipping wine on a wonderful terrace

Where to Drink Wine in Rome

Our 7 Favorite Wine Bars and Enoteche in Rome Italy is a dream destination for wine lovers and Rome has no shortage of bars in which to explore the country’s best vino. From elegant establishments with...

benedetta and valeria

Local Aromas Highlights of 2018

Our Favorite Foodie Moments of the Last Year 2018 was an exciting year for Local Aromas, with countless memorable experiences from appearances on tv and radio to growing our business to bring our love of...

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