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Welcome to the Local Aromas online cooking school Italian Home Cooking (made simple!). Our school is all about traditional Italian dishes and we’ve made it as simple, yet complete, as possible. Our goal is to allow everyone, everywhere to be successful when preparing local Italian dishes for family and friends.

Courses in our Online Cooking School

Our online Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) school offers different courses on traditional Italian home cooking. Each course is a Complete Guide on a specific topic: fresh homemade pasta, gnocchi, pizza, sauces, soups, meats, fish, desserts, wine, olive oil.


We are on a mission to create the most extensive and comprehensive collection of online courses on traditional Italian cuisine. New courses will be added to the school every 2 months and the existing courses will be updated with new lessons on a regular basis. This simply means that you will always have something new to learn!


Our instructors are local Italians and seasoned experts: chefs, wine sommeliers, pastry chefs, olive oil sommeliers, cheese tasters, pizza makers. The traditional Italian cookbooks we have used for the courses have never been translated into other languages. The amount of local knowledge that you will learn in each course is immense!



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There is so much to say about traditional Italian dishes and we realized that the only possible way to put it all together was with online courses. Having an online cooking school allows us to go in-depth on each topic giving you the opportunity to learn at your own pace from home.


When you subscribe to a course in our school, you become a student at Italian Home Cooking (made simple!). You have 2 different subscription plans you can choose from:


A monthly subscription to all courses: this a great option for students who want to access all of the courses in the school. With this plan, students can use the entire collection of courses published by the school.

A 1-year subscription to one course: this is the best option for students who are interested in a specific course only, rather than the entire collection. Students choose and pay a 1-year subscription to the single course they are most interested in.

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Join our Affiliate Program and earn a recurring 25% commission for every subscription to the Italian Home Cooking (made simple!) online cooking school. Affiliates earn a commission from the revenue generated by any subscription (month or year plan) that is a result of their promotion. So, as long as the subscription is active, you will receive 25% of each payment, not just the first!

Anyone with an audience can join the Local Aromas Affiliate Program!


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Italian Online Cooking Class - Local Aromas
Join the Local Aromas online cooking school Italian Home Cooking (made simple!). Subscribe to the courses in our school. We also have an affiliate program you can join.
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