How to Use a Gnocchi Board

You need to know how to use a rigagnocchi, gnocchi board, if you want to elevate your gnocchi game. This simple gadget will add the all-important ridges to your gnocchi and pasta, creating the perfect shape for the sauce to cling to. Watch Mamma Giuliana share her secret tips for getting it right every time.


Although simple, there is a knack to learning the technique of using the rigagnocchi and Mamma Giuliana will guide you step-by-step. Get your gnocchi board, get set…go!


[youtube v=”INXWmj8nxHo” maxwidth=”600px”]

This unassuming wooden board will, quite literally, add an extra dimension to your Italian cooking. Once you have prepared your dough for potato gnocchi, ricotta gnocchi or flour and water pasta, simply cut the dough into small pieces and roll them down the board with your thumb to create a grooved surface.


It is a fun and relaxing activity which adds just a few extra minutes to the preparation time. When you add the cooked gnocchi into your preferred sauce it will become trapped between the ridges and inside the interior cavity that you have created with the rigagnocchi. This ensures maximum flavor with every mouthful.


Rigagnocchi boards are inexpensive and easy to find in Italy but are harder to come across in other countries, however, thanks to Local Aromas, you can purchase one online here and begin to make your own homemade gnocchi just like Mamma Giuliana.

Mamma Giuliana: Rigagnocchi
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Mamma Giuliana: Rigagnocchi
Watch the latest Mamma Giuliana video to learn how to use an Italian rigagnocchi, or gnocchi board. This wooden paddle will create grooves in the gnocchi to trap the sauce and add flavor.
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