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The #1 question we get asked during our cooking classes is about the products we use in our kitchen. We are totally obsessed with quality when it comes to cooking utensils and food, so we suggest only brands that we personally use. We are happy to share our favorite products from our kitchen, pantry, and bookshelf.
Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that, if you choose to purchase a product, we will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. If you have questions and would like more information about the products we love and suggest, please reach out! We use them all the time so we definitely have useful tips to share.

Kitchen Essentials
gnocchi board

Gnocchi Board: Rigagnocchi

The untold gnocchi-making secret Rigagnocchi is a cute wooden kitchen utensil we use when making gnocchi. It literally means gnocchi stripper because it creates stipes when you delicately pass gnocchi over it....

a person refilling a light blue chilly's bottle

Chilly’s Reusable Water Bottles

The best way to drink in Rome Have you ever seen the drinking fountains in Rome? They are all throughout the city and you’ll only find them in Rome. Nasone, that’s how they are called and it...

Bottles of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Italy

5% discount code: LOCALAROMAS Have you ever tasted high-quality Italian extra virgin olive oil? No, it’s not the olive oil you get at the supermarket. To be honest, they aren’t easy to find because...

The Gambero Rosso Rome and lazio guidebook

Gambero Rosso Rome Food Guide 2019

Where to eat and drink in Rome Gambero Rosso is a food and wine editor that we trust. Every year it publishes a guide called Roma e il Meglio del Lazio, Rome and the Best of Lazio (Lazio being the region of...

I heart Rome cook book

I Heart Rome Cookbook

Recipes and stories from the Eternal City Roman cuisine represents Rome, its culture, history, and ingredients. It is very different from what is cooked and prepared in any other part of Italy. As Romans, we...

3 different sizes of the Bialetti moka coffe machine

Bialetti Moka Coffee Maker

100% made in Italy, 100% loved by Italians Italians love making their morning coffee with a moka coffee maker. Part of our morning ritual is preparing and sipping coffee in our espresso cup. This classic...

A pasta making machine

Marcato Pasta Machine

It’s been in our family for over 40 years When it comes to pasta machines, Mamma Giuliana has only one brand in her heart: Marcato. Her grandmother gave her a Marcato pasta machine when she got married...

Our Favorite Kitchen & Travel Essentials
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Our Favorite Kitchen & Travel Essentials
Local Aromas is totally obsessed with quality when it comes to cooking utensils and food. We are happy to share our favorite products that are in our kitchen, pantry, and bookshelf.
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