recipesummer pasta with fresh herbs

Pasta with Fresh Herbs: Recipe

Pasta con Erbette Fresche – An Easy Italian Recipe for Summer

The Local Aromas Italian recipe series continues with this deliciously simple family recipe from our chef Angelo.

This quick, tasty, recipe is perfect for the hot temperatures of summer in Italy. It combines the wonderful fresh flavour of herbs, a background hint of garlic, the fruity tang of good olive oil and the savory hit of parmesan. Italian food is all about ‘less is more’ and this recipe uses just a few ingredients to allow the fresh flavors to truly shine. And the best thing is that, aside from boiling the pasta, there is no cooking required!

Gnocchi at Gli Ulivi

Our 6 Favorite Family-Run Restaurants in Rome for a Christmas Feast

By Kate Zagorski

The 6 best family-run restaurants in Rome

While there is nowhere quite like Rome at Christmas time, travelling away from family during the holiday period can prompt feelings of homesickness. Luckily Rome has an abundance of friendly, family-run restaurants ready to provide you with a warm welcome, comforting food and a convivial atmosphere, making you feel right at home.

Fresh homemade fettuccine

Homemade Pasta: The Recipe

By Benedetta Bianchini

How to make fresh homemade pasta

There is nothing like homemade pasta. The flavors, the aromas, the way it captures the sauce. All you need is flour and eggs. That is it. Just flour and eggs to create a comforting dish.  It may seem intimidating at first. Once you become familiar with the whole process, which is actually quite simple, it’s going to be hard to eat anything else!

A dish of Cacio & Pepe Spaghetti

Cacio & Pepe

Cacio & Pepe Recipe

Cacio & pepe is exactly what this recipe is made with:  Cacio (cheese) and Pepe (pepper). Having been in the food business for quite a while, being 100% Italians from Rome, total foodies and passionate about the uniqueness of our food heritage, we are easily horrified when we hear the various versions of the Roman pastas that are out there.

Lasagna christmas

Lasagne alla Bolognese: The Recipe

By Kate Zagorski

The perfect dish for a big family celebration: Lasagne alla Bolognese

Although there is no one fixed dish served for Christmas dinner in Italy, the general emphasis is on hearty, robust, decadent food. A traditional lasagna with its layers of rich ragù, creamy béchamel sauce and silky egg pasta ticks all the boxes and can be prepared in large quantities, making it the ideal dish for a big family celebration.  

Fresh seasonal vegetables from Rome

The Secrets of Roman Cuisine: Simple and Less is More

By Valeria Bianchini

Shopping at local Roman food markets for fresh produce

Before wearing our aprons and turning on the stove, many Italians start at the local food market to buy fresh produce. It’s not simply shopping for food. It’s more of a ritual. Through time, you learn to select the vendors that best suit your needs and standards. They are people you see and interact with at least twice a week.

Pasta alla Carbonara dish

Pasta alla Carbonara

Pasta alla Carbonara

Pasta alla Carbonara is yet another loved Roman Classic. Due to the fact that the recipe of this pasta does not appear in any historic cook book until after the II World War, food historians have had a very hard time establishing it’s origins.

Amatriciana Pasta sauce. A Roman pasta with a glass of red wine

Amatriciana pasta

A Classic Roman Pasta

Amatriciana pasta anyone? Many things can be said about “pasta all’amatriciana” and much has been said. Controversies and scandals have accompanied this dish for ages.  Some chefs have dared to add onions, other garlic, causing uproar among Amatrice residents.

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