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eating artichokes in rome

Eating Artichokes in Rome

A Guide to Roman Artichokes

Anyone visiting Rome between Christmas and Easter would be a fool not to eat some local artichokes. Whether you opt for them fried, braised, tossed with pasta or raw in a salad, artichokes are one of the highlights of this period of the year and a sure sign that spring is on its way. 

best porchetta in Rome

A Guide to Porchetta in Rome

Porchetta: What is it? (And where should you eat it?)

In Rome there exists a delicious thing and that thing is called porchetta. A large, deboned piece of pork seasoned with salt and herbs before being slow-roasted to create a crispy skin exterior and moist, aromatic meat within, porchetta is a little piece of heaven for meat-lovers.

Prosciutto Crudo Italy

by Kate Zagorski

A Guide to Italian Prosciutto Crudo

The word ‘prosciutto’ simply means ham in Italian and may be with ‘crudo’ (dry-cured) or ‘cotto’ (cooked). Generally, the word denotes the cured variety, the production of which dates back to ancient times, when the process of salting and drying was used to preserve meat. Nowadays there are many types of prosciutto, ranging from salty to sweet, from delicately smooth to more robust textures.

Artichokes Rome Market

7 Vegetables You Should Eat in Rome in Spring

By Kate Zagorski

What you should buy at the market in Rome in springtime

Following the seasons is the best way to guarantee freshness, flavour and value when shopping for food in Rome.  The beginning of spring in Rome is a wonderful time for fresh vegetables at the city’s produce markets. The tail end of the colder months means that the winter favourites linger on, while the start of the new season brings with it the bright, vibrant taste of longer, sunnier days.

Roman zucchini with blossom

How to Make Roman Fried Zucchini Blossoms

Traditional Roman recipe for mozzarella-stuffed fried zucchini blossoms

Zucchini blossoms are a gift of nature and Roman zucchini, the ones in the picture, are simply to die for. When they are in season during the summer, local markets overflow with these gorgeous, bright yellow flowers. Romans have a very special way of cooking them and we are sharing the recipe: Mozzarella-stuffed fried zucchini blossoms

What to Eat in Rome in the Fall

7 Autumn Foods to Try in Rome

The fall harvest in Italy brings a bounty of delicious seasonal foods. As the temperature drops and winter appears on the horizon, the culinary focus shifts to hearty, comforting recipes and fresh, vitamin-boosting fruits. If you are visiting Rome from October to December look out for these ingredients at the city’s markets and on restaurant menus for a true taste of autumn in Italy. 

summer vegetables in Rome

What to Eat in Rome in Summer

What you should buy at the market in Rome in summertime

Food in Italy follows the seasons and summer brings a wealth of fresh produce to the markets of Rome. After the delicate greens of spring, vivid Mediterranean vegetables and ripe, succulent fruits are filled with the taste of sunshine. Italian summer recipes are light and simple to combat the high temperatures, and mean that you can happily indulge in some guilt-free gelato for dessert!

Visit Testaccio market food tours Rome

Testaccio Market Food Tours in Rome

Introducing Our Brand New Testaccio Market Food Tours

The neighbourhood of Testaccio is often cited as having some of the best food in Rome, so Local Aromas are proud and excited to announce two new Testaccio Market food tours. 

Come with us as we peel back the layers of Roman cuisine from ancient times until today, tracing the history of the neighbourhood and its development and eating as we go.

Salami and cheese for sale in Rome

Rome Survival Guide: How to Shop for Food in Rome

by Kate Zagorski

Grocery Shopping in Italy

One of the true pleasures any food lover can experience in the Eternal City is perusing the city’s small delicatessens, bakeries and markets. For many inhabitants, shopping for food in Rome is a social activity rather than a chore, a chance to interact with and support their local community. A strong focus is placed on quality over quantity and if a product does not live up to expectation the locals will vote with their feet and never come back. Likewise, if customers are impressed they will return and return, and tell their friends.

Fresh seasonal vegetables from Rome

The Secrets of Roman Cuisine: Simple and Less is More

By Valeria Bianchini

Shopping at local Roman food markets for fresh produce

Before wearing our aprons and turning on the stove, many Italians start at the local food market to buy fresh produce. It’s not simply shopping for food. It’s more of a ritual. Through time, you learn to select the vendors that best suit your needs and standards. They are people you see and interact with at least twice a week.

Fresh homemade fettuccine

Homemade Pasta: The Recipe

By Benedetta Bianchini

How to make fresh homemade pasta

There is nothing like homemade pasta. The flavors, the aromas, the way it captures the sauce. All you need is flour and eggs. That is it. Just flour and eggs to create a comforting dish.  It may seem intimidating at first. Once you become familiar with the whole process, which is actually quite simple, it’s going to be hard to eat anything else!

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