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Prosciutto Crudo Italy

by Kate Zagorski

A Guide to Italian Prosciutto Crudo

The word ‘prosciutto’ simply means ham in Italian and may be with ‘crudo’ (dry-cured) or ‘cotto’ (cooked). Generally, the word denotes the cured variety, the production of which dates back to ancient times, when the process of salting and drying was used to preserve meat. Nowadays there are many types of prosciutto, ranging from salty to sweet, from delicately smooth to more robust textures.

Typical Easter brunch in Rome

8 Things to Eat in Rome this Easter

By Kate Zagorski

What you should be eating in Rome at Easter

Pasqua is an important event in the Italian calendar in terms of both religion and food. As with all major holidays, the Italians prepare special cakes and pastries just for Easter and, while the recipes and customs may differ from region to region, the majority of dishes will feature eggs (symbol of new life) or lamb (in reference to the lamb of God). 

In Rome, Easter Sunday usually kicks of with an abundant breakfast of salami, cheese and eggs before moving on to a large lunch, usually roast lamb, and finishing up with a slice of colomba, the traditional Easter cake.

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Enjoy Italy's Local Aromas!

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