And This Is Your Home in Italy

Yes, you have a home in Italy! 😮

We’ve never really told anyone, but in these past 6 years, we’ve been building your home in Italy. Yes, 6 years!

Hey, it takes time to turn the perfect idea into the perfect home!

2016. Our home looked like this.

Mamma Giuliana cooking class


😃 We loved it because it was cozy and it had the best view of Rome ever.

😕 But we could enjoy it only with the Local Aromas Family members who traveled to Italy.

2018. We opened the doors of our home to YouTube.

The Foodie Sisters in Italy

😃 This finally allowed us to bring the stories and recipes of Italy to your homes.

😕 But, as much as we still enjoy sharing our videos, it lacks a sense of community.

2020. The home we’ve always dreamed of started taking shape.

2021, 2022. Casa Local Aromas is ready!

😃 Online courses, video recipes, live trainings, food, wine, music, language, culture, traditions … all 100% about Italy and 100% Made in Italy.

💖 And our community is the heart and soul of our home.

Casa Local Aromas is your (online) home in Italy. And it is our dream home!

It’s probably so perfect because we took our time to get it just right, to build and customize it around your needs.