Local Aromas is a 100% Italian family run food & drink tour company. A professional sommelier, a trained pastry chef, a great home chef, and a manager with over 40 years of experience in tourism and hospitality.
We have created a collection of 90-Minute Food & Drink Tours and exclusive Special Editions events so that you can choose and design your perfect tasting experience.
Our Cooking Classes are a fun and family friendly experience where you learn tips and tricks as you prepare the local recipes from scratch.
Our guides and chefs are experts in their field and our sommeliers are professionally trained.
Welcome to The Local Aromas Family!
Local as in authentic and genuine to our culinary culture and traditions. Aromas as in the fragrance and flavors of the ingredients and products we attentively select for you.

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About Local Aromas

Who We Are


100% Made in Italy Experiences

Local Aromas is a 100% Italian family run food & drink tour company based in Rome, Italy. We want you to properly learn, taste and understand our culinary culture and traditions. We are very quality-oriented and committed to offering the best Made in Italy products. Our guides are trained experts and sommeliers, they are experienced and knowledgeable in what they are most passionate about. We offer the best, most authentic and local Food & Wine Tours and Cooking Classes in Rome.


Our 90-Minute Tours: The perfect Food & Wine Tour formula

We have created the perfect food & wine tour formula: 90-minute experiences that focus on single foods and drinks. In just 90 minutes, you get an in-depth understanding because you taste, talk and learn about your favorite food or wine, all throughout. Right, your favorite local food or drink, because you have many different single topic tours to choose from, one or any combination of them, and they are all located in downtown Rome.

We have designed a tour for every palate and we have framed them around your needs: morning and evening tours, walking tours, sit-down tastings, family & kids friendly tours, tastings for wine lovers. And they are all under €60!


Our Special Editions: Exclusive Food & Wine Experiences

When it comes to designing local food & wine experiences, the sky is our limit. Special Editions is a place where we have freed our creativity outside of the Local Aromas 90-Minute, under €60 experiences. It is a place where our extraordinary partners have the opportunity to design their personal interpretations of local cuisine. Unique events, exclusive menusmemorable food & wine experiences crafted by Local Aromas.


Our Cooking Classes: Rome’s only Panoramic Cooking Class

We have designed unique cooking experiences in our exclusive private location near the Vatican. Surrounded by a breathtaking view of Rome, you cook with a local Chef and learn about the traditional recipes you prepare. Our morning classes include a 1-hour tour of the local food market and end with a sit-down panoramic lunch. Evening classes start with a Spritz, include a spectacular view of Rome’s sunset and happily ends with a sit-down dinner.

It is a homey, family-style experience which is perfect for families & kidsIn all of our cooking classes you will enjoy wine, moka pot coffee and tiramisù, which you make from scratch.


Local Aromas: Privileges & Services

We cherish all of our clients as part of our family. If you need further support during our tours and classes – driver, babysitter, sign language guide or other – we are happy to help you. We continually select trusted partners that can support us in making your experience and stay in Italy as close to perfect as possible.

We have created unique privileges for our clients because we value your trust and timeYou automatically get a Local Aromas Family Membership when taking any of our tours or classes: it lasts a life-time and it is free-of-charge.  You will forever have a friend in Italy and we will have family members to pamper!

On The Local Aromas Blog and on our social media you can continue “savoring” Italy’s local aromas, foods and wines. We have many stories to tell and lots of mouth-watering pictures to share. And we can’t keep them all to ourselves!


Welcome to The Local Aromas Family!


Work With Us

  • Local Food & Drink Partners

    In Italian we say, “l’unione fa la forza”, which literally means “unity is strength”. We are happy to partner with local vendors who share the high standards and commitment Local Aromas has in providing unique quality food & drink experiences. Contact us for more information.

    Our Food & Drink Partners

    • They are professional & passionate in what they do
    • They use local, in season, high quality ingredients
    • They provide a unique food & drink experience
  • Expert Guides & Home Chefs

    Local Aromas guides & home chefs have studied, professionalized and become experts in what they are most passionate about. They unveil the secrets of Italy’s foods & drinks in a fun and friendly way. Thanks to their knowledge and passion, our tours and cooking classes are an authentic and script-free experience. Contact us for more information.

    Local Aromas Guides & Home Chefs

    • They are passionate in what they do
    • They are trained experts and sommeliers
    • They are fun & friendly
  • Travel Companies

    Local Aromas designs food & wine tours and cooking classes for small groups. We create local itineraries that can be customized at all levels. We work closely with travel companies to tailor a food & drink experience around the client’s wish list. Upon request, we design experiences for large groups. Our staff, partners, home chefs and guides make it all happen. Contact us for more information.

    Our Travel Company Partners

    • They work with small and large groups
    • Their clients want high-quality tours and cooking classes
    • They need to tailor a food & drink experience
  • Service Providers

    Local Aromas closely works with local service providers. By combining our expertise with their services, we can customize and enhance our food & drink experience opportunities. Contact us for more information.

    Our Service Providers

    • They have high quality standards
    • They are flexible to meet the client’s needs
    • They understand and value the food & wine experience they are part of

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Enjoy Italy's Local Aromas!

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Enjoy Italy's Local Aromas!

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